Intuitive Painting and Singing Bowl Therapy Workshops

This Autumn and Winter go within with the help of creativity!

Intuitive painting and singing bowls are a great combination to release the energy stuck inside the soul! In our current world when we get stuck in the same patterns and when we over analyze our everyday it wears down our energy and makes us feel “stuck”. During this workshop we will begin by opening up your soul with the sounds created by singing bowls, chimes, and gongs. Some people refer to this as a “sound bath”.
We then choose our medium: paint, canvas, marker, paper, pastels, water color and we create what we feel. Everything that flows is perfect! Intuition takes the lead as we follow.
The workshop is 2 hours and everyone will leave with one new creation to take home to remember their creative adventure created from within.
Tea and a light snack are provided. Classes are small to assure maximal attention for each participant.
Voor iedereen is er een licht hapje en drankje.