Autumn and Winter SUP & Run Clean-ups!

Got Winter Gear? Come and join us once a month to clean up Breda by SUP!

If you love to SUP or run in the winter and you also love the environment, come join us once a month for our SUP and RUN clean-ups in Breda.

This event is organized with help from the Gemeente Breda in collaboration with Ron Bekker from Runnerscafe and Avans Green Office.

Plogging which is a Swedish word for “plokka op” means to jog and pick up litter. Ron Bekker is a personal trainer and lifestyle coach and has a passion for healthy living and a cleaner city. I have been working with Ron for years and we share the same enthusiasm over educating the people of Breda on how important a clean city is for your own health. We both agree that is not only makes you feel better physically when you participate, but you also have an immense feeling of pleasure when you see the instant positive results of the work that you have done to help raise the “standard of clean” in your own city. In helping to raise the vibe of the city, you are uplifting yourself, too!


Ploggers, if you want to join in, contact Ron Bekker to sign up.


SUPpers, kayaker, canoers, boaters, you can contact me to join in!


Looking forward to the cooler months ahead!!!


Ron and Kristina